CAMLOK PROPS are used extensively throughout the South African gold and platinum mining industry and is the standard in temporary support. CAMLOK PROPS offer a comprehensive range to satisfy a variety of support requirements.

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CAMLOK CANOPIES are used with CAMLOK PROPS in the mining operation and where potentially unsafe situations may be recognized. The CAMLOK CANOPY ensures that people are working in a safe and supported area at all times.

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M PROPS specializes in the field of temporary support in the hard rock mining operations. A steel mechanical prop, known as the CAMLOK PROP forms the backbone to the range of products supplied by M PROPS.

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Since 1983, M PROPS has specialized in the field of temporary support in hard rock mining operations. The company’s singular focus in this field has resulted in a reputation for innovation, quality and service. On-going technological development in support design has created the highly proficient steel mechanical prop known as the CAMLOK PROP.

M PROPS remains committed to the further advancement of temporary support systems, in an endeavour to satisfy mining requirements and ensure the safety of miners at the work face.